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Quabo is an all-in-one solution for Diabetics. Being a diabetic, you deserve equal happiness and tension-free life as that of others. To help you enjoy your favorite drinks, foods and stay healthy, we are here to assist you!

Why you should join Quabo

You should join Quabo to improve your life as a diabetic in many areas at the same time. We believe you will improve physically and most importatly reach an emotionally and mentally stable level. Quabo was founded by diabetics – we literally feel your pain! We know exactly what will improve make our daily lives!

Food & Drink Nutrition Database

Efficient AI Chatbots

Quabo’s Advanced Reminder

Carb Estimator and other AI Tools

Online Appointments with Dietologist, Doctor & Psychologist

Newsletter & Online Live Meetups

See how Quabo can help you lead a Happy Life as a Diabetic.

Test the Symptoms

Test yourself to know if you’re affected by diabetes or not. It’s intimidating to identify whether you have diabetes or not. In certain situations, you feel normal, but you aren’t. So,discover your diabetes symptoms to take prior precautions and keep yourself healthy with Quabo.

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Enjoy your Favourite Drinks & Foods

You can now take your favorite foods and drinks without the fear of being sick. There’s no more need to spend your life like a lazy and impotent human. It’s time to enjoy and cheer up, and we’ll help you do this!

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Timely Medicines

Bounded with work and taking your medications late is the biggest mistake you make as a diabetic. But, now no need to leave your job or stay tensed about taking medications. Quabo will help you take your insulin, pills, and drugs on time without even disturbing your schedule.

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Prepare a Yummy and Healthy Meal Plan

Tired of intaking restricted food? Don’t worry. You can enjoy yummy and healthy meal plans with Quabo. Stay fit, active, and thrilled with our daily, weekly, and monthly meal plans.

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Get Frequent Updates

With every passing day, new solutions overcome the older ones. Join our online webinars, TLDR Diabetes Newsletter or in-person meetups to know the latest updates about diabetes. We’ll also help you take the necessary tips and tricks to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Know the Carbs and Nutrition Values in Your Food

Now take the safety measures before eating. Either going to a grocery store for shopping or a restaurant for eating, measure the number of carbs and nutrition values in your food before you eat. The healthier you eat, the more fit you will be.

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Kickstarter Campaign for Diabetics

Sponsor or Donate to Quabo via Kickstarter or directly. Make lives of Diabetics worth living.

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Choose one of our membership-plans today to enjoy your life with Quabo. Our peerless solutions are tailored to help you overcome your diabetes fears.

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